According to the Minnesota Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency, everyone should test their home for radon. 


A neighbor's radon test result is a poor indication of your radon risk, because each home can have different indoor radon levels. Furthermore, previous radon test results may not reflect current or future radon levels if the home has been remodeled, weatherized, or had changes to its heating, air conditioning or other ventilation systems (such as exhaust fans).


Performing a radon test on your own is easy, inexpensive, and takes only a few minutes of your time. The results of a properly performed radon test will help determine if you need to take further action to protect yourself from the health risks of radon.


The Minnesota Department of Health and Air Chek have partnered up to provide Minnesota residents a greatly discounted price on radon test kits. 


Short-term test kits are only $10.95!  Isn't it worth the peace of mind? 

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What if your radon levels are high?


Call Athelon Radon Services at (507) 269-9934 for a free in-home estimate on a radon mitigation system. 


The goal of a radon mitigation system is to reduce indoor radon levels below the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L. A quality radon mitigation system is often able to reduce the annual average radon level to below 2 pCi/L.


Installation of a radon mitigation system can usually be completed in just half a day and requires very little maintenance. 

Radon presents a serious health risk, but it can be controlled easily and cost-effectively.